Sunday, February 29, 2004

If anyone would like to add comments or dispute anything that I say here I encourage you to write me and I will add you to the post list.

I have so many things that I would like to talk about but first of all I would like to give out a few links:

On Buzzflash there are a bunch of good commentaries but I especially like the synopsis of the lies Bush has told.

Also has many great articles.

If you can't tell I am a real fan of giving common people a voice to express themselves and the internet is a great medium for this.

On to the news of the day. I am ecstatic to read that Iraq has, what on the surface seems to be, a tremendous new constitution. Although it is only temporary hopefully it will be representative of what the people in Iraq will decide that they want for themselves. I find it truly amazing that the same administration that gave us The Patriot Act was able to muster such a progressive and open government! If Bush wins again perhaps I will move to Iraq in order to have more freedoms. ;)

Other news of the day (actually yesterday) was the democratic debate. I am proud to say that I had thought that Edwards was my man very early in the race. I am surprised that others also began to see what I saw. Typically anyone that I would pick would have not ever been considered by the majority. I am really glad DENNIS J. KUCINICH has stayed in there as well because he stays true to what he believes and is not afraid to drive the discussions to what he feels is important. Like many third party candidates I think his views are a little extreme for the majority of the public. The reason that these "True Americans" will have a hard time getting into an office of power is because they challenge the machine that is our government. They will never allow them to be true contenders as long as they promise to disrupt. That is part of the reason that I think Edwards is a good choice. I think he is a decent compromise in his political views and is a very electable guy. I am tired of the divisiveness that Bush's righteousness and corporate entitlement agenda has promoted. I very much want to see someone more middle of the road so we can begin to have meaningful discussions again instead of mean divisiveness. Anyway I am sure I will have more to say on the race later.

In other news the Israel's supreme court on Sunday ordered the suspension of building work on a section of the West Bank separation barrier. I am very upset that the Israeli government is trying to grab more land like a game of "Go" but with the absence of any leadership from the world power I feel that putting up a wall in their own territory may be a temporary solution to end the bloodshed. The best solution would have been to continue the talks that almost lead to a solution with the previous administration. Short of that I think that this might be a short term fix until we can get someone in there that knows the meaning of the word diplomacy.

The misguided use of the patriot act for today is this article where a man created a small virus that he sent to his friends and infected 21 users. It had very little hope of spreading much further and in the article it even states that the crime was already covered by a pre-patriot law. But because of this wondrous thing they call The Patriot Act they can now additionally charge him with being a CYBERTERRORIST! This is outrageous and it totally misdirects attention away from the true dangers of cyberterrorism that we are becoming more and more vulnerable to everyday.

I guess I can kiss that defense company job (if not my ass) goodbye. Well that is it for me today. I need to get some sleep. Hopefully I will still be around to write some more of my thoughts.

PS I almost forgot to mention that I have a phone interview with Quallcom tommorow! The job is in San Diago. I will tell you how it went tommorow. Wish me luick!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I just got an interview with IBM for Thursday at 2:00pm !!!! I will be interviewing for a verification engineer position in the STI PowerPC group. This is one of the highest security groups at IBM (highly sensitive intellectual property). I need to go get ready for it!

Monday, February 23, 2004

My first post! Wewhew!!! Well Currently I am waiting for my soldering iron to warm up and so I thought I would get one of these blog sites. I am working on my MCU (microcontroller) programmer. I am using an 8051 based MCU that has embedded flash so that you can reprogram it on your end system board which is ISP (In System Programming). The specific part I am using right now is the 89c51rd2 from phillips. I have to get back to soldering.