Sunday, May 30, 2004

Some New Info

I have been busy lately! It has been a good busy. I finally got a job. I am working for SigmaTel. They are a semiconductor company here in Austin. I had another offer in California as a Contractor making a little bit more but the cost of living probably would have ate up the difference. The offer in California would have been just north of San Fran near the Nappa Valley area. NICE, right! Well, I wanted a full time position. I just do not enjoy interviewing. Life is full of choices, you know. It would have been quite an experience I am sure.

The other big news in my life is that I proposed to Christine. I am still waiting for an answer but I am hopeful. JK :) She said yes. It was a pretty interesting proposal that I will go into more at a later date. She will be moving to Austin in a couple of months. She was able to transfer with her company to do her stuff in the southwest. :) So as you can geuss life is pretty good.