Friday, August 19, 2005

Nanotube Sheets

The number of applications (another link) people have already thought of for this is stuff is simply amazing. If there ever was a disruptive technology this certainly seems to be it. I mean where can't you use this stuff. Amazing!
I can remember first reading about buckminster fully's (sp) wounderful invention/discovery of the then called bucky tube in a 1985 issue of Popular Science and thinking this is going to change the world! I just wonder how long it will be until I can buy something using these sheets. At the time I can remember them talking about the buckey balls as the primary intrest and sort of mentioning the the buckey tube almost in passing. Ever since that article it has been the buckey tube on center stage.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dwight History (My Hometown)

Some pictures of the windmill on the Oghton property and the Oghton home.

You can see some of these same pictures that I took about 9 months ago. Interesting to see how things change.

Some interesting (in my totally unbiased opinion) history about Dwight and the Oghton's can be read here.

As it turns out my mother took piano lessons with Diana Oghton and they played in the same piano recitals.